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(kon-tra-pass-oh n. the concept that the punishment of an individual's soul corresponds to the sin that person committed on earth)

Secret memories that linger in the heart of a lover, the joy of childhood and young love, loss of innocence, and the losses that come with aging. In Contrapasso, Nathan Jorgenson's unique sense of humor - and heartbreak - shine through as he weaves all of these into a rich story of life.

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Waiting for White Horses

Waiting for White Horses is a story of trusted friendship, loss and recovery, love and redemption. The enduring friendship between Grant Thorson and Will Campbell is all that sustains Grant through a series of painful losses as the seasons pass. When Grant finds love in the arms of a beautiful woman it seems that happiness is once again within reach for him. But he is forced by yet another tragedy to reassess the high price he must pay for his dreams. From Minnesota to the White House, Grant must find a way to embrace the sometimes bitter struggle that is life.

Winner of the 2004 Benjamin Franklin Award for Best New Voice in Fiction
Winner of the 2005 National Writers Association David Raffelock Award
2005 Independent Publishers Book Award Finalist
2005 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award Finalist

The Mulligan

After investing much of his life in an unhappy marriage and an unfulfilling career, Dr. Joe Mix realizes that he made most of the important decisions of his life in order to please others, not himself. When the consequences of his wrong decisions threaten to smother him, Joe Mix finally snaps and decides to forsake all that he has done, and set out to reclaim the life he feels he should have chosen.We all wonder what our lives could have been, Joe Mix went looking for his life.

2007 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award Finalist
2007 Independent Publisher Book Award Finalist for Book of the Year

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A Crooked Number

​A Crooked Number tells the rich and tender story of Grant and Kate's coming-of-age and their journey as they fall in love and share the dreams that hold their lives together. This is a unique and powerful chronicle of young lives and the events that shape them - friendship, school, family, and even amateur baseball. Jorgenson brings the book to life with consistent pathos and humor.

Winner of the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Award in Best Regional Fiction
Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Cover Design
2011 ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award Finalist
USA Best Books 2011 Award Finalist

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